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2011 Potter Valley Riesling 750 ml
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you’re drinking too much of our Riesling! Even with our increased production in 2010, we still ran out before Christmas. This is not a bad thing; just be sure to share your bottles with friends and neighbors so that everybody can have some…. Thankfully our longtime grower, Guinness McFadden, was happy to oblige us with a bit more fruit in 2011, but still not as much as we hoped for.

The third year in a string of cool and late vintages, 2011 was great for allowing long, slow flavor development and the intensity that we love from the grapes having longer hang time on the vine. The challenge this season in Potter Valley was rain and the high humidity that followed – a good combination for growing Botrytis. By the time we harvested the Riesling, that “noble rot” had taken good hold, so look for the classic flavors of apricot and honey that are so common with botrytized wines. This wine will develop that petrol character common to the great German Rieslings sooner than other vintages and will likely lose that bright golden hue sooner as well, so drink up and don’t forget to share!

Cameron Parry, Winemaker, April 2012
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PRICE: $25.00