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2007 Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml
When we talk about vintages at Montelena, they are often categorized as “hot” or “cool.” Then occasionally there are years like 2007 which, because of their ideal conditions, earn the tag of “Goldilocks” because everything was just right.   Warm spring conditions led to earlier than normal bud break, while the moderate temperatures in summer and early fall further extended the growing season, resulting in long, slow ripening with fantastic flavor development and near-perfect juice chemistries.
Fruit quality was excellent and the 2007 harvest was near-average in size, with no big surprises.  We had good timing throughout with a nice steady pace – pressing the grapes and then filling the tanks.   In any kind of farming, normal is what you want – it is good.   Here at Chateau Montelena, normal is excellent; I’m happy to report that 2007 was a very normal year.
The intense deep crimson color in the glass pulls you in, while the huge powerful nose captivates; layer on layer of spice, cedar, earth, and tobacco – all over a rich base of ripe black cherry, blackcurrants, cassis, and blueberry jam.  The hook is set with the first whiff.  Rich, round, juicy and mouth-coating, the palate delivers black cherry and black currant before moving on to brighter red fruits.  More subtle tones of butterscotch, anise, and sweet oak complement the fruit beautifully.   The huge classic structure of fine grain tannin and firm acidity persist all the way through to the clean crisp spicy finish. (1 bottle limit)

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PRICE: $142.50